About Us

Filapack by Windak Group is

a line of packaging machinery for the 3D filament industry developed by Windak Group in 2020.

Windak Group was founded in Sweden in 1994 and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fully automatic packaging machinery for the cable industry with over 375 lines installed across 40 countries.

The mission

of FilaPack by Windak Group is to add value for our customers by providing them with high-quality equipment and bring their businesses to a new level.

The 3D printing industry is experiencing significant growth and as printing technologies continue to evolve, the demand for such products is rising rapidly. Filament manufacturers will need to increase speed and efficiency to meet the demands, stay ahead of the growing competition and to reduce the production cost.

FilaPack by Windak Group offers its customers winding and packaging equipment for the manufacturing of filament products, such as PLA and other common filament materials. The equipment is either for direct inline packaging in tandem with the extrusion line or as offline packaging in a rewind line application.

Contact us

Write to us at [email protected] or call on +372 655 9411