Fila-Spooler FS200-SA – Fully Automatic Spooler for filament products

The FilaPack’s by Windak Group model FilaSpooler FS200-SA is a fully automatic spool packing machine designed for automatic filament spool changes directly inline with the extruder. This removes the costly rewind operation offline and one operator can now cover many more extrusion lines than with a manual operation. This leads to higher output per production hours, higher line speed and lowered operational cost.

It provides a premium laying quality, giving your end customers a high-quality package that smoothly unwinds the filament material. Most of the common filament products on the market can be run on the FilaSpooler.

The FilaSpooler FS200-SA is a single-head fully automatic spooler for speeds up to 150 meters per minute in line with the extruder. All parameters are set and controlled via the operator HMI to ensure consistent operation. The FilaSpooler can also be used in high-speed rewind operation for speeds up to 250 m/min (up to 820 ft/min).

Test equipment can be integrated for automatic detection of diameter fault with automatic discharging of the faulty spool. To support the client’s existing Scada or IoT solutions, we use world-known electric automation brands and the latest generation of PLC systems, which allow us to easily integrate electrical and intelligent automation modules into mechanical technologies. The machine can be accessed via a modem, and it is fully backed up by warranty and service support.

Be more efficient and competitive with the FilaSpooler FS200.


  • Fully automatic, single spooling head. The operator loads empty spools onto a buffer infeed conveyor and unloads full spools at the outfeed buffer conveyor.
  • Operation at ergonomic working height.
  • HMI operator control for recipe set up of the spooling parameters.
  • Safe for the operator with a CE Safety certificate as required.
  • Runs in conjunction with an accumulator allowing for spool changes and precision tension control down to 500 grams for sensitive products.
  • Includes a light tower and buzzer alarm for alerting the operator when needed.
  • Automatic stretch wrap system.
  • Sliding interlocked safety door.
  • Alarm for low empty spool accumulator and automatic faulty spool kick out from optional test equipment.
  • Remote access for service support via modem.
Spool diameter

200 mm

Spool overall widths

40-80 mm

Max spool weight

1.2 kg

Product diameters

1 mm – 3 mm

Tension range

10 – 60 N

Max winding speed

up to 250 m/min

How it works?

Step one

Loading of empty spools

Step two

Filament winding process

Step three

Unloading of full spools

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