Fila-Spooler FS400-DM – Semi-Automatic Spooler for filament products

FilaPack’s by Windak Group Fila-Spooler FS400-DM is a dual spooling head semi-automatic spooler for speeds up to 200 meters per minute, depending on spool sizes and application. The spooling heads are traversing to the set traverse pitch following the winding speed. Speed and tension are set via the operator HMI and are together with the spool winding parameters recipe controlled. The Fila-Spooler can run both in Torque and Speed/Dancer mode.

Semi-automatic operation. The operator loads empty spools into the stationary spooling safely while the second head is winding the material from the extrusion line or pay-off.

Runs either as a dual-strand setup with load cell tension feedback or as a single strand in conjunction with an accumulator allowing for spool changes and precision tension control.


  • Ergonomic operator working height.
  • HMI operator control for recipe set up or spooling parameters.
  • Safe for the operator with a CE Safety certificate.
  • Sliding interlocked safety door.
  • Remote access with a service agreement.
  • Individually traversing spooling heads.
  • Adjustment of Traverse/Turn points.
  • Adjustment of Traverse pitch.
  • Alarm for incorrect diameter from optional test equipment.
  • Alarm for a nearly full reel.
  • Quick release of the spool from the shaft.
  • Includes light tower (red, yellow, green) and buzzer alarm.
  • Prepared for Accumulator integration for higher speeds.
Max spool diameter

400 mm

Max spool overall width

350 mm

Max spool weight

20 kg

Product diameters

1 – 5 mm

Tension range

20 N – 60 N

Max winding speed

up to 200 m/min, depending on spools sizes and application

How it works?

Step one

Loading of empty spools

Step two

Filament winding process

Step three

Unloading of full spools

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